About Us

Chris and his wife, Jenn, are the owners of Halfmoon Haven, an Oceanfront Retreat on the Sunshine Coast: HalfmoonHaven.ca This beautiful beachfront retreat provides customized family, youth and men’s and women’s retreats. Chris and Jenn are also co-authors of the Nine Rings of Alignment: Keys To Self Mastery which provides insights on how to stay in full alignment with all your relations. Chris’ passion has always been connecting with and serving youth and their families. Family has always been his most valued passion. Chris offers his clients a deep understanding of human nature with his open and caring heart, long history of experience and training and his unique programs which are based on fully nurturing and creating supportive environments so that his cutting edge techniques, clarity and compassion can assist them in their own personal growth and life transformation.
Chris received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University, obtaining a major in Criminology and a minor in psychology. Chris Austin Fletcher is a family counsellor with 35 years of experience supporting families, couples and children. He has specialized training in conflict resolution, conscious communication, breathwork and somatic trauma release.  Through his counselling practice, Whole Family Healing, he offers a range of support, including mens, couples, trauma and addictions counselling. In 2021 Chris  co-authored  his first best selling book Fearless Presence: Embodying Your Essence for Soul Aligned Success. Currently, Chris is finishing his book, “The 9 Rings of Alignment”. This life changing practice provides a clear path with practical steps for restoring your personal power, developing insight and creating better relationships. For the past 10 years Chris has been sharing these teachings and practices in his counselling sessions, and sharing them at personal development retreats and at large events, such as “Blessed Coast Festival” and “The Awakened Man”. Drawing from his diversified life experience and training, Chris has come to realize the power of bringing together spirituality, shamanism and personal relationship work. When these three modalities are combined with breath, an open heart and intentional awareness, a direct pathway is created to one’s intuitive higher wisdom. On his website www.9Rings.ca, Chris offers a free 21 page download with an overview, including key principles and diagrams. It is his living prayer and life’s work to assist others through intention, connection, awareness and presence.

Business Names:

Whole Family Healing Services https://www.facebook.com/WholeFamilyHealing
Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat and Spa www.halfmoonhaven.com
9 Rings of Alignment www.9Rings.ca
9 Rings Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/464640497054153
Email: cfletch1111@gmail.com
Retreats for 2023
9 Rings of Alignment Men’s Retreat Dec. 1-4, 2023 –  https://www.facebook.com/events/1276517489930388?ref=newsfeed
Couples Retreat Oct 20-23, 2023

Chris was also the Director of the work experience/life, skills/recreation program at the Alternate School, providing and supervising job training and job placement. Chris, also created an outdoors program focused on self-esteem building. This assisted youth and their families in working through their barriers at a life changing level. Additionally, Chris has specialized training in Conflict Resolution. He teaches bullying and Anger Prevention courses in High School and Employment Center settings, for both youth and their parents. He is also trained in addictions counselling, suicide intervention, and has experience running support groups for children of divorce, trauma, physical and sexual abuse, autism and special needs.

About Jenn

I walk between two worlds and appreciate the polarity as the balance of unity. With a rich and extensive background in both mainstream and holistic healthcare, I strive to offer a whole person perspective and unique approach to the services and facilitation that I provide. My intent is to allow for the miraculous, using divine inspiration to draw upon the practical tools that are most needed at any given moment, adapting them to meet the person, group or situation being served. The use of radical intuition, varied experience, and a passion for being of service
is a natural formula to assist others in unlocking the keys to embody their Divine Presence and Souls Purpose by overcoming personal challenge or trauma and finding deep inner peace.Some alternative healing titles I carry with me include:

Registered Holistic Nutritionist,
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner/Teacher,
Reiki Master
Trained Holistic Rebirther and Breathwave Facilitator.
Certified Akashic Records Consultant

Formally trained as a Social Service Worker, I offered 16 years of direct service, supporting people with developmental disabilities, as well as elders in long-term, psycho-geriatric care facilities.A previous instructor at The Canadian School for Natural Nutrition, I have also had the privilege of teaching Reiki and Shamanic Healing in Australia, Guatemala, India and different parts of Canada. Now, I am enjoying the opportunity to continue offering my gifts and service through the growth of my private practice and continued personal creativity and development.I love to hike, travel, write, dance and co-create, and practically apply profound inspiration, for the sake of all beings.