Whole Family Healing Services and Rates
Dear Whole Family Healing clients and friends, here is a detailed list of our counselling and related services with flexible pricing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know is in need of our services.
Chris and Jenn
One to one counselling sessions with Chris; $130 per hour/$195 for 90 minute sessions. Specializing in couples counselling, addiction counselling, conflict resolution, mediation, family counselling and healing from abuse and trauma.
     3.    Group family sessions of more than 2 people = $150 per hour/$225 for 90 minutes.
            Specializing in creating healthy family dynamics and strategies to maintaining a healthy
            and happy home environment.
     4.    FREE 30 minute first time phone assessment and consultation. Additional phone
            Consultations, assessments, and family retreat planning billed out at $100 per hour
     5.    Single or Couples Breathwork sessions (2 to 3 hours) = $100 per hour
     6.    Single, couples or group 9 Rings Guided Meditation (2-3 hours) = $100 per hour.
            Sessions are done in the Yurt and we provide, mattress, music, blanket and snacks.
     7.    Family and youth counselling services rate for all active group services with
            Clients and families = $50 per hour (4 hours per day maximum).
            Active group services include: hiking trips, canoe/kayak trips, all
            sports and recreational activities and meals with family.
      8.  Family assessment outline and 9 Rings of Alignment Recommendation Report=
           $100 per hour.
           Average family assessment is 2 hours to prepare and will give a full detailed outline for the
           family to create a more harmonious home environment for all family members.
      9.  Optional additional services include for your Whole Family Healing Experience
           Lomi Massage or Breathwork by Jenn Field = $100 per hour (sessions are 2-3 hours).
           Sweat lodge up to 16 people 30 per person (total time of 4-6 hours),
           Vision Quest with  Elder Terry (Coyote) Aleck  = $300-400 per person for 4 days and
            Includes a full sweat lodge experience
      10.  Discounted rates of 10%- 25% for  individuals or families in financial need.