9 Rings Testimonials

From Single Mother of 2

My profound gratitude as I am putting my new practice in place. I started my morning scanning of the rings. Wrote down my 10 self care goals. I am so excited to dive into the realization of the rings for my personal development and use this practice as my backbone. It is so complete and encompasses all aspect of life that are really big but can be checked all at once- in a summary format. It is like… you hold all your life purpose in your pocket! And can open it up whenever you need to do a checkup. I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of how it will help me get deeper into every aspect of my life, and still have the ability to keep the overall big picture and balance all rings at the same time. Thank you for sending and sharing all your sacred material.

I also wanted to say thank you for our live session that was such a marvelous opening of our work together.

Chris you went beyond being a compassionate listener and have delivered such a gift, taking the time to explain the philosophy of the 9 rings, as well as how to put a specific daily technique in place, for an immediate impact in my life. Your empathetic commitment towards me was such a motivation to write down my self care practices as soon as I got home. You, also taking the time to do the meditation in full (while we were running late!) is an example of how much you really cared for me and your love was received with so much gratitude… Bows and thank you.

From February 2020 Retreat Attendee

Well, this weekend I took a deeper step into myself by going to the Men’s 9 Rings of Alignment Retreat at Halfmoon Haven in Halfmoon Bay.

I can not express my deep Gratitude and Love I feel for the experience I got to share with these Incredible men. I feel very connected to myself, my heart, and the all. The experiences of the weekend integrated into one of, if not thee, most powerful sacred experience I’ve ever had!

The wisdom, gifts and inspiration I felt and received is beyond measure. From participating in my long awaited first drum circle to breaking through into tears during my breathwork journey. Witnessing the process of my heart opening was profound. More so because I felt absolutely safe to do so with no judgment. What a beautiful experience!

The sauna and hot tub self care rituals. Basking in the energy of the full moon. The experiences shared moment to moment, individual to indivual, group to group in a sober and connected manner was nothing less than powerful and sobering!

I have done much of what happened this weekend separate from others. As in I’ve gone to sound journeys, I’ve gone to breath circles, I’ve gone to sweats, I’ve talked to mentors, I’ve researched many platforms and avenues of philosophy, psychology and spirituality. I’ve done much of it alone. Never ever have I had all of those things come together, plus more, in a single powerful weekend with many powerful men.

I am filled with Gratitude, Love and Acceptance! Thank you to the facilitator Chris Fletcher and all the mentors and fellow men who are seekers of knowledge of self. Is been such an honor to share this time with fellow spiritual warriors. Who actually put in the work and do the constant up hill battle of reflection and adjustment of things that no longer serve us and others around us.

I am so happy, so proud and so thankful. Much love to you all! Till we meet again! I love you.


Dylan Mcleod