The 9 Rings of Alignment

The 9 Rings of Alignment: Keys to Self Mastery is a practice you can use daily to stay in full alignment with yourself and all of your relations. It is universal in its approach and is  compatible with all cultural beliefs. Its intent is to support the underlying foundation and exchange of love in every relationship and activity in life. Only YOU know what perfect balance is to you and what aspect of your life needs more of your presence. The 9 Rings of Alignment provides you with the tools and a clear path to live a more empowered life. To Learn more about or Register for our Retreats visit our Retreats page. 

The Nine Rings of Relationship Alignment are:

1. Self Care
2. Divine Reflection
3. Children
4. Family
5. Close friends 

6. Life Purpose
7. Community
8. Earth
9. Universe.

If we look at every relationship as a sacred ring we can bring more Intention, Connection, Awareness and Purpose (ICAP) to our lives for greater joy in all areas. This allows us to truly live a life full of love and happiness – free from pain and suffering. If practiced daily, it becomes easier to see what actions are necessary to bring the balance that nature intended in to our lives so that all of our relations – including the relationship with our ourselves is honored.



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